31 August 2008

The Emaus Monastery I was just speaking about...

30 August 2008

Some offices for the city council, in Prague 2, in the park of the Emaus monastery...

29 August 2008

Waiting for the tram to go home tonight...

28 August 2008

On the other side of the previous buildings...

27 August 2008

New office buildings on the river bank, in the center...there is still a lot of space for further development there, part of which was kept some time ago to built sport facilities in case of Olympic Games... nowadays it would be crazy to settle it there!

26 August 2008

They tend to cover the scaffoldings with huge plastic panels now, which is one more opportunity to display adverts and get money from it for the reconstruction...It's so much nicer without.

25 August 2008

Prague Market, end of the day, where the vegetable market used to be...

24 August 2008

Future "business park" in Holesovice... it's a steam mill complex from the beginning of the 20th century that is being reconstructed, quite nicely I think!

23 August 2008

I went to the edge of the city today to buy a piece of furniture in the worlwide known swedish shop. There are two of them in Prague, each at a terminus of the metro line B, the yellow one.

21 August 2008

Contemporary architecture in Nove Mesto... How to recognize a czech contemporary building? It's blue.

20 August 2008

19 August 2008

I really like the light given by the evening sun...

18 August 2008

which one do you like best? apparently they can't decide :)

17 August 2008

What I always liked in Prague is that ornament is so much present in architecture, even in more recent buildings...

16 August 2008

Prague market again, after the working hours...

15 August 2008

Tennis stadium on the Stvanice Island... this island is pretty big, and is basically a green park with old sports facilities. I heard there was even a swimming pool before the 2002 flood...it could be really nice with a little renovation and care! Nowadays it's pretty dead, except for the skate park and occasionnal festivals

14 August 2008

Compared to Grenoble, the city where I lived before, Prague is really blind-friendly. A lot of traffic lights beep differently for green and red pedestrian lights, there are different reliefs on the pavement to indicate where the crossings are, and the metro flooring also sports this feature. And some bus stations, like here, have some braille writing.
All of this isn't everywhere, but it's still something.

13 August 2008

A view from and of the Schwarzenberg Palace, a mid-16th century building built from the union of four noble houses, on the castle's square. Covered with renaissance sgraffito, it had housed along the centuries diverse functions and has been renovated several times.

12 August 2008

Old stadium and aeration tower for the top of the Strahov hill, right in the center of Prague...

11 August 2008

gloomy bath

ok, that wasn't the best day to make you like my favorite swimming-pool through pictures... The outdoor pool is open and heated all-year-round, and it's so big that there's always enough space to swim, even on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

10 August 2008

a bit of grass

A new small public "garden" has risen in Prague 1 these days... they're putting the final touches to the shading structures, if you were wondering what these grey pilars are for.

09 August 2008

scenic espresso

This can be translated as "scenic espresso"... besides the funny term, it makes me think of all these "point of view" and labelled places where tourists are told to take a picture from to be assured to get the best image. If I want to bring the trademarked view home, I'd just buy a book or a postcard...

08 August 2008

but they are real windows

In the historical center, plain facades with so little relief are pretty rare...

07 August 2008


So, in the Old Times there weren't these urban regulations to say where-to-build-what-up-to-which-height, and everything is still nicely standing together. I say, maybe we should learn something from it.

06 August 2008

maltese glimpse

An Order of Malta church in Kampa, during a walk across the city today...

05 August 2008

just a yellow house

I'm on the Tourist Circuit these days...it's not long since I've last been there to show some visitors around, but a lot of things have already changed. Not the same shops where I expect them to be, more expensive visit tickets, food not as good as I remembered...

04 August 2008

pub scenes

Taken in the corridor of a "pub" (how do you translate hospoda?) in the too-much-ignored district of Karlin.

02 August 2008

another bridge

One of the most known sight of Prague is its Charles Bridge, the oldest, but there are plenty of other ones all around that are worth of interest too...

01 August 2008


I had to go to the airport today... I was actually happy to do so because I had planned to take a picture of this sign for a while. The airport has been recently renovated and extended, it boasts a whole new terminal now, but the sign stayed (yay! )