31 July 2008


Visitors in Prague often take pictures of urban and road signs... it's true that they're cute :)

30 July 2008

sans filet

Despite of the heat that can strike some days, summer is the right time for construction works and minor mendings… this one guy is probably known in the painters world for special acrobatic works :)

29 July 2008

all is natural

Am I the only one who thinks these colors are not exactly normal for cauliflowers?

28 July 2008

morning tram

I really like the morning sun like that... these days it's around 5.30 - 5.45 am that we get it.

27 July 2008

small thing

Now that I live in Holesovice and that I travel through the city mostly by bike, this is the view I get anytime I go to Old Town... That building is a former hydroelectric central, built in 1913 on the edge of a small island. It's now listed as a technical monument and preserved, and it makes me smile anytime I pass by (ok, limited to when the sun shines :) ).

26 July 2008

inner facade

The saturday shopping had led me to the newest mall in town today... this one is in the very center, in the walls and the courtyard of former 18th-century military quarters.

25 July 2008

fresh paint

A building nearby my place is being repainted. They usually use scaffoldings, but not for this one, and everyday 2-3 men hang up there with their pots and brushes and cover the facade with this new pink color...

24 July 2008

july, please

24th of July, 17°c, raining. Since I just came back from a place where the weather was better than that, and nice enough to let me enjoy my holidays, I don't care too much, but I know that I won't take it so well in a few days if it goes on. So, as a kind of talisman, I post another picture of this great outdoor swimming pool in Vrsovice, taken last year, when July was up to our expectations.

23 July 2008


Back in Prague! Something very recognizable to set the tone again, after 6 days of photography in a different environment...(you should check my Flickr page these days)

15 July 2008

night life

Prague"clubs"...places where everyone can find one's place, whether they came to meet friends and have a chat, to drink more heavily, to dance or listen to a dj set... no entrance selection, wide opening hours, easy transport connection at any hour. Life made simple.

I'm off on holidays until next Tuesday, posts on this blog will stop till then... no cheating :)

14 July 2008

holesovice gem

Although this looks like it's abandonned and far from any urban life, it is actually quite in the heart of the city, by the river, in the neighborhood of Holesovice. This former industrial area now presents a lot of different faces, from high end new housing buildings to this, with office buildings and standardized workers appartment buildings in between... It's also where Prague Market is, which is a huge area undergoing renovation* as well.
I'll post a lot of pictures of this part of the city, because it is where I live, and because I think it is largely underestimated and wrongly a victim of many prejudices :)

*read: "let's get rid of the "asian mess" and build ugly falsely-cute stalls instead, each bearing an obvious number proving the owner's registration"

13 July 2008

fake sun

It's raining today... I don't really mind, since I had planned to get some things done at home, but I didn't want to bring the grey atmosphere to the blog. Here : how nice a sunny sunday in town can get :)

12 July 2008

au marché

There is really only one vegetable market in Prague, held every morning except on sundays, in the Prague Market area known to foreigners as the "asian market". That's where I buy all of my vegetable, although it is quite different from the markets I was used to : here only a fraction of the sellers are growing the goods they sell, the other ones are selling the same products as in the supermarkets, only cheaper.

11 July 2008

deep grey

It's really stormy right now... I didn't take this picture today but I could have!

10 July 2008


Prague, historical center.

09 July 2008


Last summer, a couple of months before moving, I discovered that there was a great outdoor swimming pool not far from my place...

08 July 2008

a real one

A real "beergarden" this time, even though this one is smaller than her more famous sister*, just a couple of meters away.

*I don't know why, calling a beergarden a "she" seems nicer...

07 July 2008


A new metro station on the line C... a bit coarse to my taste.

06 July 2008

going up

Fresh picture taken two hours ago. Inspires me 2 things : Prague is absolutely not flat, and everywhere in the city we find the same railings...

05 July 2008

beer garden

Small breeze, blue sky, sun, a big table, friends around, refreshing beverage... aaaah summer evenings :)

04 July 2008

The First

A view at distance to start...Here taken from a green steep hill, quiet and favourable to gardening.
Posting a picture of Prague per day on this blog will be a bit of a challenge, but it's something I've been meaning to do for some time. I have lots of images to share, some you've already seen a million times, some you might not have expected from this city considered as being sooo romantic...