31 January 2009


The river's dead arm at Liben has been frozen for weeks now, keeping the boats prisonners for winter. This morning it even got covered with a thin layer of snow...

30 January 2009

metro lines

Lines in metro, again...

29 January 2009

painted ad (2)

In Jindrisska street, close to the famous post office, right in the center of Prague...

28 January 2009

lucerna again

The famous Lantern above "the main" entrance to the passage Lucerna

27 January 2009

cakes etc

Inside the famous (candy store? patisserie? confectionery? I can't seem to be able to find the proper word) Ovocny Svetozor in the Svetozor passage, in the very center of the city: fresh cakes, juices and ice cream cups at very reasonable prices... I didn't take a picture of the cakes on display, it would have been really too unfair for you :)
Ok, the real reason was that there was too many people waiting to be served for me to take any photo :)

26 January 2009

25 January 2009

cubist staircase

Staircase in the cubist House of the Black Madonna, designed at the very beginning of the 20th century, and now housing the Museum of Cubism and a nice cafe on the 1st floor

23 January 2009

still standing

Sunny day yesterday!! Fantastic! These old industrial halls look so good under the sun... This one is still standing in Karlin, but nothing much is planned for it. It sometimes hosts contemporary art exhibitions, fairs, or theatre plays...

21 January 2009


A scanned "old" film photo for tonight... featuring these cute teapots from Dobra Cajovna again!

20 January 2009

pink rise

This morning's colors were really impressive... it was already lightly raining, like it was the whole day, but this sunrise really helped me start the day in a good mood.
The statue is one of the two at the gates of Prague Market in Holesovice, a big area where the slaughterhouses used to be.
You can find my previous pictures of the market here, here, and in the posts from August 2008.

19 January 2009

back to more light

As I think I said before, only a few buildings are illuminated like this one in Prague...

18 January 2009

17 January 2009

big but forgotten

The area behind Muzeum is filled up with monster buildings like these ones or the "steel machine" you may have seen earlier...

16 January 2009

red line

Snap in the (new) metro. I was considering using this one for the Lines Theme Day

15 January 2009

nice curves

A short passageway from the street to the inner courtyard of a building, like there are hundreds in Prague...

14 January 2009

industrial alternative

Some kind of "alternative design fair" some time ago in an -almost- empty industrial hall

13 January 2009

where did it all go

Poor thing, the only survivor of what must have been a whole area... Now being prepared for another life. I think I remember that the plan is to make a new "city mall" there, with some offices and housing being built on the other side of the road.

12 January 2009

graphic effort

Storefront at Palmovka tram station... I find the typography really fantastic!

11 January 2009

blue break

I should have worked the whole day today, but I still took a break to meet some friends at the Cafe Louvre. I took this picture in the small non-smoking room, everywhere else the cafe is rather in the pink shades.

10 January 2009

TV tower forever

A picture I have taken a long time ago but which is one of my all-time favourites

09 January 2009


There are still some frescoes or stone carving pieces in some metro stations, even though they're not so noticeable... the neutral colors maybe?
Detail of the ceramic fresco in the hall of Mustek line B

08 January 2009

28 steps

Underground... the right place to be when it's that cold. Yeah, but after the food and the beers, one has to climb the stairs again

06 January 2009


Just taken, Karlovo Namesti with a rest of the snow...

05 January 2009

snow day

It snowed the whole day today!! I took this one this morning, and the snow was already sticking to the ground...
Feature : a not-renovated-yet-but-nice-as-it-is brick building in Karlin

04 January 2009


Concerts and nightlife in general are still affordable and casual events in Prague... let's make the most of it while we can!

03 January 2009

snow lace

A bit of snow on the cobblestones

02 January 2009

find the swan

The sign of Bila Labut, an old department store in Prague 1, really caught my eye as it was lit in red, maybe only for the holiday season?

01 January 2009

theme day: Best photo of the year 2008

So here it is, according to me it's the best photo I posted since I started this blog in July 2008... I posted it on November 24th. I thought I would pick one and post a related picture, maybe the same scene taken differently or the same day... But I really like the atmosphere and the colors of this photo, and I didn't take it any differently so far.
I was walking up the hill after work to help my friend closing his last boxes before his departure to another city - temporary relocation, as we all hope :) It was cold, starting to rain, I was carrying a big empty cardboard box with me, but I still couldn't resist taking a picture to share this great sight with someone else.
Sharing these is why I started this blog at the first place, and I hope it still going to make me happy for at least another year.
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