20 January 2009

pink rise

This morning's colors were really impressive... it was already lightly raining, like it was the whole day, but this sunrise really helped me start the day in a good mood.
The statue is one of the two at the gates of Prague Market in Holesovice, a big area where the slaughterhouses used to be.
You can find my previous pictures of the market here, here, and in the posts from August 2008.


Mihajlo said...

Beautiful colors

honza03 said...

Love it!
PS: I have to confess that your photos and stories made me go visit Prague Market in Holesovice. I just couldn't resist :)

KAkNA said...

wow, honza, you wouldn't believe how proud that makes me feel, making a Prazak go to visit the market ;)

Anonymous said...

i hear they sell good quality carrots there