25 June 2009

great mix

Manes house, very nice modern building from 1930, great mix with the former mill tower

23 June 2009

Karlin's new face

Karlin's river shores are slowly being covered by new buildings...

22 June 2009

wait made pleasure

One of the best tram stops in Prague... the one just behind Prague Castle. I don't mind waiting for 10 minutes with that kind of view.

12 June 2009

music downstairs

I've already mentionned it and posted related pictures, in Prague, social life and cultural events are held for the majority underground, litterally. This time at Roxy, concert down the stairs.

11 June 2009

long standing protection

A vaulted passage is always appreciated in the hot sunny days or - like today - rainy ones... Here is the one along Havelska (and its market stalls) in Prague 1

10 June 2009

en travaux

Charles bridge has been undergoing reconstruction for what it seems forever now... but it should be soon over.

09 June 2009

pretty late

I'm not much in Prague this month, so please excuse my sporadic posting... in the meantime you can always check my Flickr gallery, some views from Paris, France should be appearing soon :)

01 June 2009

theme day : feet

I had actually taken this photo when I took this other one, where you should understand whom these feet belong to...
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