28 July 2009

lone player

Just before sunset, someone decided he would practise the double-bass in the park...

27 July 2009

under bridge

Under Cechuv most

26 July 2009


A few pavement cubes to lay, and that will be ready. New office (?) building in Karlin, Invalidovna.

24 July 2009

beyond expectations

The promised "marina" still looks like some abandonned docks... I wonder what the new proud owners of these expensive flats think about the view

23 July 2009

dominant architecture

The National Memorial on Vitkov hill... when I was seeing it from far away, I thought it was a huge concrete box. From a closer view it's obvious that it is much more than that, and not even made of concrete.

22 July 2009

just behind

Just behind the overcrowded Castle square, quiet picturesque streets.

20 July 2009

french corner

A bit of France in Prague : the french institute, comprising a cafe, a large cinema and conference room, exhibition spaces, classrooms and a mediatheque

19 July 2009

fab light

One of these evenings on Wenceslas Square...

17 July 2009


The "Prague Marina" project is slowly taking shape in Holesovice...

12 July 2009

art in metro

Invalidovna station, on the B line... too see another exemple of how art enhances metro stations, see that post

10 July 2009

indian food

or rather - no more food, I was too hungry to wait. At the new indian place opened on Konviktska street

09 July 2009

new curves

Curves for this "lighthouse", an office building that recently (how long can it be... a year? two?) rose up at Libensky most in Holesovice.

08 July 2009

open-air passage

between two streets in the old town

06 July 2009


The church of Our Lady before Tyn, or the most known church on Old Town square, seen from the summer spot by excellence - Letna park

05 July 2009

river banks

Great view on the river while having a beer..

04 July 2009

and still going

So, today is this blog's 1st anniversary. I knew it was coming pretty soon, and when I checked just now, I was really surprised to see it's exactly today... because of all my trips out of town recently, I almost missed it. But here we are... 281th post, I missed about 80 days, which is a lot.
Anyway a year has already passed, it's July again, summer again, biking time again, and the tv tower is still here. Let's see where this year will lead us.

ps. this is the cyclepath along the river in Karlin