28 July 2009

lone player

Just before sunset, someone decided he would practise the double-bass in the park...


Ken Mac said...

how cool !

Sand said...

So nice!

brattcat said...

Was he good?

Romaisa said...

Hi Kakna,

I am writing to You from frankfurt.
I always visit your blog where You upload pics of Prague, czceh republic.
I have to say I was shocked when i found out that You are not a professional Photographer.
I am a student of Architecture and was in prague with my class 8 months ago. The trip was awesome, the negative thing I did not take pics of some of the best architectural sites of prague.
Our calss went to this place, it was a huge building under construction, looked very oldschool, amazing architecture, but i don't know how it looks now.
I would REALLY REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE if You could visit the site and take picture of the building and the interior design.
I asked my teacher and he said that the address is PRAHA 10, VRSOVICKA 44.
I would be so thankful, I want to c how the place turned out.
I would tell a friend to do it, but You are a skilled photographer and those pictures might become very important for my career.
You can reply on this account or on my email address wasodertoo@hotmail.com