28 May 2009

children's house

Detsky dum - "children's house" on Na Prikope. I passed in this pedestrian street a million times, and just noticed this sign yesterday.

27 May 2009

built masses

The area around Florenc metro somehow lacks some clear layout to be really "understood". It's probably on its way, and started with the reconstruction of Florenc bus station, which is in progress.

26 May 2009

all inclusive

On Stvanice island, the club Face to face changed its name and now offers pretty cheap " all inclusive" parties

25 May 2009


on the ceiling. Just a normal pizzeria in Karlin ;)

24 May 2009

green Karlin

Just a small square nearby the bigger park of Invalidovna

22 May 2009


Sign outside a "vecerka", one of the numerous shops open late in the evening, usually until 11pm to 2am...

20 May 2009

zizkov by day

Zizkov is not only worth visiting at night, for its numerous bars and clubs...it's also very nice by day

19 May 2009


I'm sorry about the poor quality of this photo, but with such a low lighting my camera reaches its limits...I still wanted to share this view. Going down from Zizkov.

18 May 2009

blue call

Not a bad idea

17 May 2009

the return of Karlin

because really, there is so much more to see still!

14 May 2009


The other face of the touristic market on Havelska in the Old Town

13 May 2009

charm of chimeys

and red roofs

12 May 2009

better by night

Narodni divadlo ( National theatre) 's entrance arcade

11 May 2009

so white

Only a few buildings are lighten up that way at night in Prague... so when it happens, there's a real attraction.

10 May 2009

new beer

I had the occasion to taste a new beer, Pardal... well a beer always tastes good when drank on the grass under the sun, surrounded by friends and in front of a stage where good music is played :)

08 May 2009

old metro

It's pretty rare to see these old metro trains running now that they've all been replaced by newer ones. It was a pleasure to ride this one again yesterday... i'm probably too nostalgic.