30 September 2008

another air

I'm back ! I left without warning for a weekend out of town, and didn't even have a chance to post anything yesterday. But I wanted to post one more image that I took back in 2002.
So, this is the Troja castle, just next to the Zoo and the Botanical Garden. Perfect visits for a sunny sunday afternoon.

25 September 2008


This generation of trams is unfortunately slowly disappearing from the streets, replaced by new ones. Useless to say, I don't like the new ones.

24 September 2008

not just another cinema

Let's go on with my favourite places... here the Art Nouveau cinema Lucerna, which opened in 1909, and seems to have kept the atmosphere for ever. Or so we hope.

23 September 2008

my favourite

Prague's tv tower, featuring artist David Cerny's great Babies (which I wish will never be removed, even though they were installed as a temporary exhibition in 2000). For a year or so now, the tower has been without its top cone, thus losing some of its shape strength, and I have found no explanation as to why or how long this is going to last. I find it quite intolerable that such a strong feature of the skyline can be altered without anyone seeming to notice :/

22 September 2008


Let's go on with the searching-scanning-posting old pictures... Here Loreta, in the castle area.

21 September 2008


Exactly 6 years ago, me and my 41 kg of luggage arrived in Prague. It was just after the 100-year floods that hit the city, the water wasn't there anymore, but left a lot of damages throughout the city.
This week I am going to post some of the pictures I took with a reflex camera during my first weeks here.

20 September 2008


Today, among the list of monuments opened to visitors, I chose to go to see the former gazometer in Liben, built in 1932, and now used for aerodynamic studies.

19 September 2008

not to be missed

This weekend are the European Heritage Days, which means that in a lot of european cities, some monuments that are normally closed to the public will be open to visits, usually even for free. Check the EHD's official website.

Two years ago, I took this opportunity to go to see the Vladni Salonek, or Gouvenment Lounge, in Prague's main train station. It has been used in the beginning of the 20th century by President Masaryk, but it's totally closed nowadays. The whole station is undergoing a well-deserved renovation, but this place is in perfect state, completely out of time... You get the chance to see it by yourself tomorrow and on Sunday.

I'm putting up more photos of the train station and this particular space on my flickr page.

18 September 2008


A cafe in the former Art Nouveau entrance hall of Prague's main train station... remote place nowadays, since the entrance level has been moved below.


Having a celebration afternoon at work. Drinking 1,2 beers with the colleagues.. Being off to Pavel's celebration's party, he's got his master degree!! Having a drink at his place. Going to a cocktail bar. Having one beer, another drink, and a "shot" to celebrate. Going home, remembering you have to work tomorrow. Catching a late metro. Taking some pictures on the way.

16 September 2008


The staircase of the cinema Svetozor, in the passage bearing the same name. I love how these simple cushions -bearing the cinema's logo- officially transform the stairs into seats :)

15 September 2008

opening soon

A new mall is almost finished in Pankrac, where the highrise-financial-downtown is supposed to take place.

14 September 2008

cerny most

Public transport terminus station Cerny Most- litteraly Black Bridge, does anyone know where that name comes from ? I almost posted this picture in black&white to spare you this awful green.

13 September 2008


The top of the hotel Axa makes me think of Podoli's diving board, which is quite funny, because this is where I go to swim on a weekday, when I don't have the time to go outdoors...

12 September 2008


Housing building in Vinohrady -a residential district of Prague.

11 September 2008


Let's stay in the Museum area, as Honza03 from the original Prague CityDailyPhoto posted a great answer to my steel machine... Here a picture of the underground passage linking the museum side of the town with the area behind it, the being cut at the moment by a ... highway, or almost.

10 September 2008

white lady

old-fashioned painted ad in Holesovice... i love these!

09 September 2008

neon lights

In a metro station, B line

08 September 2008


Typical clock, typical pillars. You know you're in Prague.

07 September 2008

Steel machine

An extension built around 1945 to house the parliament... This is just next to the National museum building, and contributes to Prague's diversity in architecture

06 September 2008

last day

To fully enjoy the last day of summer, as we all know it is (30°C and huge sun all day!), I went back to my second favourite outdoor swimming pool this afternoon. I actually didn't go there at all this year, because it's pretty far from where I live now -it takes 40-50 minutes from door to door... but it was great today!

05 September 2008


Summer shoes aren't yet back in their boxes, but some streets already boast autumn colors... Here in Karlin.

04 September 2008

before the rain

The museum's cupola, tonight, 18h30... I guess I should put my summer shoes back in their boxes now :/

03 September 2008

Novy Smichov mall at Andel, that opened in 2000 or 2001. This area is full of new offices, hotels, cinemas, high-end housing buildings, rebuilt public spaces and supermarkets...More than just "another mall", it's really a new center, maybe the only one that really competes with Nove Mesto's. It's really working, full of people everyday and nights until, let's say, 1 am.

02 September 2008

The little house had to give up

01 September 2008

Caught this morning, all of these freshly painted cars ready to be loaded to go on an advert campaign throughout Czech Republic and Slovakia...