31 March 2009

febio concerts

Concerts and beer hall in an underground parking... That's only during Febiofest, a movie festival taking place now at Andel

30 March 2009

out and ready

Just a bit of sun and Spring can start!

28 March 2009

no fight

I wonder how the football evenings look like in this bar, if supporters of both sides truly watch the matches together...

27 March 2009

cafe reunion

I am a bit tired of the night shots now... hopefully with the time change this weekend I'll manage to take more pictures by day from next week!

26 March 2009

bookstore reflections

Sorry for the black-out, I've been out of town for a long weekend...

19 March 2009

which year is it again?

Inside the Lucerna cinema... really nice experience to go to the movies there, and a bit of a shock to go back outside

18 March 2009


They probably thought it would be funny. Blondes on the left side, brunettes on the right. Just hold it in if you don't belong to the above categories :)

17 March 2009

15 March 2009

the other horse

Lucerna again... and David Cerny's wenceslas statue hanging there

14 March 2009

inside Lucerna

A scanned photo again : the cafe in Lucerna as it was years ago... now the position of the bar has changed, there are more partitions and tables... and these days, a lot more people, as Lucerna is the center of the Human Rights Documentary Film festival One World.

12 March 2009

nostalgic feel

A scanned photo taken originally in black and white with my reflex camera... It's the same street, same day as this one

11 March 2009

that is Karlin - 5

Far from its grey and devastated image, Karlin is also the place where a lot of new office buildings are standing or being built... reflection of evening's pink skies in the latest one, Bofill's Corso 2.

More pictures of Karlin can be found here

10 March 2009

don't forget to look up

Walking in a street in the center where I go quite often, I for once look above the stores signs...

09 March 2009

pixel building

What are these funny boards doing on this building? Ladies and gentlemen, this is what the buildings are made of ( almost) here, under the paint that make them regain their historical look: polystyrene and styrofoam.

07 March 2009

06 March 2009

across the street

The palace ┼Żofin on its island

05 March 2009

under the rain

Praha under the rain, me contemplating from the Laterna Magica building

04 March 2009

that is Karlin - 4

Romantic settings in Karlin, taken a while ago... Prague is under a kind of warm wave these days, even though the weather is still as grey...

Karlin 1
Karlin 2
Karlin 3

03 March 2009

petits pots

Stopped by the fancy CukrKavaLimonada in Mala Strana again...

02 March 2009


Blank billboard, unreadable sign on the tram... however, it can't be anywhere but Prague

01 March 2009

theme day : Glass

I already posted a picture of this stained-glass window before...

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