24 August 2009

stones and trees

I took this one months ago at the Olsanka cemetary, which is an unexpected nice place where to wander, actually...
And I'm leaving tomorrow again for two weeks, so don't expect anything new here until then... In the meantime, you can always check what's going on through facebook or flickr.

23 August 2009

night on the bridge

Not just any bridge. Charles bridge.

22 August 2009

night star

Night in Radost FX club, for a change

21 August 2009

renovated train station

I thought nadrazi Vrsovice was deserted until I stopped by yesterday to take some pictures, and found out it's actually all renovated...As I read later, the 19th-century building's renovation took place between 2002 and october 2008.

17 August 2009

new era at florenc

Prague has a new bus station building! It's nicely glazed, with lots of screens showing departure and arrival times, everything is also written in english, there's a helpdesk, toilets, and things you can buy to eat... a whole new world in Florenc, those who went through the former place will know what I mean.

16 August 2009

Karlin series - 12

If you missed my other posts onKarlin, a poorly-known district along the river, and adjacent to the Old Town, you can click here:

15 August 2009

mind travel

This courtyard of Prague's old town really made me feel like in Spain

14 August 2009

and up again

Coming back to street level from the river banks, reserved to pedestrians, cycles and swans

06 August 2009

inside out

what belongs to the cafe and what to the street behind the glass?

05 August 2009

gallery bar

Above Roxy not far from Old Town square, the NoD space has been renovated recently, and still offers a wide range of "activities" in the evenings

04 August 2009


Two of the buildings around Jungmannovo namesti in the center, bathed in the sunset of an otherwise pretty grey day...