31 October 2009


Yesterday and today were really cold...time to squat the tea rooms again!

30 October 2009


See the buildings in the background? That's one of Prague's outskirts dense residential districts. People live in prefab buildings there, but they must have a nice view

29 October 2009


I didn't have to go very far to find that grocery shop window. It's in Karlin, on one of the main streets. And yes, I took the picture recently :)

25 October 2009

not your regular goulash

Fallow deer meat and bacon dumplings... not your regular light lunch either, but once in a while, everybody needs comfort food :)

23 October 2009


Off Wenceslas square, in the very center of the city, get the best teas of the world... head to Dobra Cajovna

22 October 2009


I'm back in the city again, although probably not for a very long time. After more than 10 days of almost nothing done with my camera, the blue skies encouraged me to take it out yesterday on my way from the airport.

08 October 2009

coffee time

These new cafe-in-malls do their best to make it comfortable... I'm not sure they manage, I don't know, somehow I'm just allergic to these places.

07 October 2009

perfect day

I really had plenty of things today. But come on, 25°C outside, and such a sunshine in October? I headed for the zoo. Where else.

05 October 2009

giant bin

Once in a while, empty containers are placed for a day on the street, so anybody can throw out what they want to get rid of and can't be put in the regular bin. It can also be a good occasion to furnish a flat for free if you're not against a bit of renovation :)

04 October 2009

golden moment

When the sunset finds its way through the winding streets to hit the goldsmith's sign

02 October 2009


Opening one's eyes at dawn, somewhere in New Town