29 September 2009

fire tongues

...or that's how it looks, somehow. Abbey Na Slovanech (or Emmaus) in Prague 2, whose church was badly destroyed during an air raid at the end of the Second World War. The renovation started in 1946, and the new western facade look was found through an architectural competition won by Frantisek M. Cerny who used shell plates of reinforced concrete.

27 September 2009

rush hour

Saturday night, peak hour in this cafe in the center

25 September 2009

central park

In Zizkov, the big real estate operation Central Park, almost ready to move in...

24 September 2009

on my way

On my way from lunch, Prague 1

23 September 2009

wooden insides

I missed the European Heritage Days this year. It was last weekend, and I completely forgot about it. Two or three years ago, I went to visit the wooden church in Liben, on Zenklova street (Kostel sv. Vojtěcha), built in 1905. The interior was really amazing...

22 September 2009


We're so lucky to have such a nice weather this late in September! 26°C this afternoon, really unbelievable.

21 September 2009

so natural

One of these older cars that aren't around so much anymore...

20 September 2009

small and hidden

Evening in a small bar in Prague 7 - enter the hostel, walk in the corridor, open the door on your right, go down the stairs... here you are, take a beer and wait for the concert to start.

19 September 2009

16 September 2009


Topless service in this restaurant between 7pm and 11pm :)

14 September 2009


Already when I took the picture, I was thinking about this other one. Same skies, same impressions, but in Old Town with the peaks of Tyn church.

13 September 2009

evening suns

Night falls pretty early now again, and around 19h45 it's alreay quite dark. Not a bad thing, it helps seing things one didn't notice before, no matter how large they can be - in my case, this new (?) hotel downtown, in a courtyard behind Tyn church.

12 September 2009

10 September 2009


Yesterday was probably the last beer-on-letna-evening we could get this season... well it's been a long one, let's not complain

09 September 2009

trying hard

to make it easier for the growing number of riders in Prague...