31 October 2008

fix and clean

Night view of the main train station, under reconstruction

30 October 2008

back, and late

I came back yesterday, but had no chance to post, for I went directly after work to meet some friends in a cafe... very nice place, good and inexpensive food, and an original round metal taproom in the central space, carved with thousands of tiny holes letting the light through...


I also wanted to thank Fio & prado of Gliwice Daily Photo to have mentionned me in their list for the BFF award :)
I now have to pass it along, according to these rules :
  1. Only five people are allowed
  2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog
  3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world
  4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award
So my choice goes to

Bakli's great pictures in a mini blog (check his great pictures out of the miniblog as well)
Honza's Prague Daily Photo
Arion's Daily Photo
Hilda's Manilla
Babooshka's views of Ramsey

24 October 2008

crosses, crosses everywhere

Cobblestone pavement in front of a church in Andel...
And I'll make you wait until wednesday for the next picture, I'll be out of town for a long weekend - or short holidays, choose the one that you prefer.

23 October 2008

look up

Look up to catch the last sun beams. A street in Karlin.

22 October 2008

make it round

This one was taken some time ago. The new Slavia football ( soccer) stadium in Prague 10. It's not even like that all around, the "rear" part is left all bare concrete...

21 October 2008

autumn (2)

Yellow trees, yellow pavement

20 October 2008


Lights in the same bar

19 October 2008

another evening

board in yesterday's bar, where we stayed until... they closed.

18 October 2008

orange happiness

I don't know why I feel that anytime I see them... Pumpkins of all sorts, they just make me happy :)
Two years ago, I wan't able to find any in Prague. Not a single one. Last year I was buying some from a single producer who sells them on the market. This year, a lot of people sell them, and not only the basic - round orange one, but different kinds as well.

17 October 2008

new wall

There's a new wall painting at the station Vltavska. (here we see it through the frames that used to hold some glass panels (my guess, because i've always seen them empty))

16 October 2008

terrible news

We're staying in the exhibition grounds Vystaviste with today's picture... unfortunately it is an homage to something we'll never see anymore, because as i'm typing this, half of the Prumyslovy Palac is BURNING. Yes, big orange flames that I could see when I got home tonight are destroying the left wing, the roof, and surely more of this great building built in 1891. Nooooooooo!!! :((

15 October 2008

the pyramid

Soooo... this pyramid is situated on the Vystaviste exhibition grounds ( as are the aquarium and the exhibition palace I already photographed). It was built in 1991 as an exhibition pavilion, and then converted into a theatre in 2000.

14 October 2008

anything strange?

Well, yes, we have some pyramids in Prague. At least one.

13 October 2008

glowing box

One of the temporary boxes on the terrace of the DOX, a newly opened Center for Contemporary Art, during the designblok exhibition.
I liked the choice of the exhibition places this year, as it attracted the attention on two freshly finished buildings in Prague that would have not been so easily noticed otherwise : the DOX in Holesovice and Corso II in Karlin.

12 October 2008


I got "caught" into an after-designblok exhibition drinks evening/night yesterday... on the way we walked through the tunnel linking Karlin and Zizkov, one of my top favorite places in the city

10 October 2008

pink factory

Inside Meet Factory, an industrial hall recently converted in a contemporary art center

08 October 2008


Prague's "seaworld"... I have never been inside, I wasn't even sure it would still be open, but apparently it is, and has the biggest water tanks in the country.

07 October 2008


The front of a butcher's shop... kind of arty :)

06 October 2008


From Stefanikuv most...

05 October 2008

culture sunday

Stavovske divadlo (theatre of the Estates) seen through the clean windows of Karolinum, where the pictures of World Press Photo are now exhibited.

04 October 2008


I already mentionned the cinema Lucerna, this is one of the passage entrances.

03 October 2008

and new trends

New housing buildings in Holesovice, a complex pompously named "Prague Marina" because it's on a dead arm of the river.

02 October 2008

letter cubes

No idea why these letters are so random...

01 October 2008


Theme day : lines
What I think about first are lines linked to transportation....
So here, the ones engraved in the metro station stone flooring, guiding the blind.
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