31 December 2008

red Bata

Last one for this year... Bata building on Wenceslas square, where the main festivities tonight take place.

30 December 2008

warm tea break

In a čajovna again... Really, it's too cold to stay outside, and being at home the whole day can get boring...

29 December 2008


During these cold winter days, there is no better place than a warm and fragrant cajovna (tea place) to spend the end of the afternoon.

28 December 2008

obvious and easy

There is a few buildings so well lit as the Theatre of the Estates at night in Prague... well then it makes it stand out and facilitate our photo cravings :)

26 December 2008

anges gardiens

On Charles Bridge

25 December 2008

black and gold

Grey during the day, the glass facade of the Laterna Magika turns golden at night

23 December 2008

christmas boredom

I'm fed up with Christmas already. If only the weather wasn't so grey at least... sun or snow, please something!

22 December 2008

christmas special 2 : the food

the carps! At D-7, these big blue plastic bowls appear in the streets, together with their vendors and a "table" where they're killed and cut at the buyer's request. Or they can also be taken home alive, where, according to the legend, they'd be put in the house's bathtub until their time comes, on the evening of december 24th...

20 December 2008

wooden umbrellas

Under the "umbrellas" pf the 70's shopping centre Kotva on namesti republiky

18 December 2008

christmas special 1 : decorate

So everybody should have his jmelí by now...we can get it natural, golden or silver, to decorate our interiors for the holidays.

17 December 2008


The building i photographed here looks better at 8 in the morning from the tram

16 December 2008

just a post office

What I love about Prague is that one gets to see and be in beautiful places in the daily routine... here a glimpse of the main post office, on Jindrisska street in New Town. It is open almost 24 hours a day ( with a break from midnight to 2am). Could be practical.

15 December 2008


Some passages are really deserted... even when they are right in the center. This one goes from Vaclavske namesti ( Wenceslas square) but is empty most of the time...

14 December 2008

lost in time

New Town, december 2008. Or december 1982?

13 December 2008

old pink

Aaaaah these facades in Old Town...

12 December 2008

strange ways

The Olsanka cemetary, at the limit of Vinohrady... of course the fogs adds a gloomy note, but it's quite a pleasant way to cross this part of the city, among the trees and sculptures.

11 December 2008

blue cut

These days, around 4.30 pm...

10 December 2008

skittle game

Going for a game...

09 December 2008


bar interior again... I post a lot of dark or interior pictures these days, but with the night falling at 15h45, it's hard to do otherwise...and it's the perfect season to go deep down for the evenings.

08 December 2008


Thanks to those who have participated yesterday... i see not many were inspired... and that there aren't many supporters of vegetarian food around!
Because it was actually a picture of the beautiful vault inside Lehka Hlava, a vegetarian restaurant opened 2-3 years ago in the heart of Prague 2, in Borsov street, which you see above. This space used to be my very favourite place in the world when it housed a cajovna, now I go there only every now and then, but the brunch on Sunday was really good :)

p.s. i'll come back to the "cajovnas", or tea places, soon...

07 December 2008

let's play

Guess where this picture was taken...as a clue, you have the right to know that it has been taken today, around 1:30 pm.

06 December 2008

star gate

Sometimes I really have the impression to be in a cinema decor for a 70's sci-fi movie...

05 December 2008


Nice evening yesterday, in one of these "2 storey club/bar" Prague is rich of...

03 December 2008


Just after a concert, in Roxy, Old Town's famous club, on the premises of a former cinema.

02 December 2008


Some french writing on this Old Town facade...

01 December 2008

theme day : Circles/Spheres

Lights in the newly opened cafe-extension to the (in)famous Cross club in Holesovice
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