30 November 2008

metro lights, repeated

This one reminds of a picture I posted some time ago, but the large number of neon lights some metro stations is always impressive

29 November 2008

sweet and warm

A new cukrarna (patisserie + tea room, sort of) opened on Vodickova. I don't know if it's really good or if everybody is still going there to try it out, but it's always full in the late afternoons.

28 November 2008

useless lights

Every building got its Christmas decorations by now. I have the impression they are more modest than last year... tant mieux.
Here Obecni Dum, which wouldnt even need any, if you ask me.

27 November 2008

open doors

Vodickova, close to Wenceslas square.

25 November 2008


Display of dried ham at the entrance of an upper-scale restaurant in Vinohrady... dinner was very good :)

24 November 2008

twilight zizkov

Yet another picture featuring the TV tower, recently photographed by Honza as well.

23 November 2008


View from the windows of Tesco department store... until something big is built there, which is expected, given that it's quite a big empty and misused space right in the center of the city.

22 November 2008

first snow

First snow this morning! Not much, just enough to make you smile when you get up and open the curtains...

20 November 2008

black and white

Micro-passageway between the squares Jungmannovo and Wenceslas

19 November 2008


Tesla stained-glass window, in reality a pretty big one in Svetozor's passageway. I am still buying Tesla light bulbs, even if they're more "hungry" on energy than some other brands...I guess I must already feel the nostalgia of something that will disappear soon :)

18 November 2008

steel n'glass

Prague has now more than her share of glazed tall office buildings... This one is off Libensky most, in Holesovice

17 November 2008

corner shop

Naive-looking sign for this shop in Holesovice, selling "paper and toys"

16 November 2008

weapons everywhere

These are the magazines one can find at the local grocery store... I was quite sad and worried when I saw this " Weapons" magazine there.

15 November 2008

nation's pride(s)

During reconstruction on the square Krizovnicke, just at the entrance of Charles Bridge, the church behind our beloved Charles IV has been covered with a giant advert...offering a perfect czech overview :]

14 November 2008


Waiting for the metro in the evening is so much better with a camera in hand... one can wait up to 10 minutes at night...

13 November 2008

retro cafe

Retro style cafe tonight...

Kaaba, Vinohrady

11 November 2008


One more former industrial hall converted into a entertainment place... La Fabrika hosts mostly theatre plays, and other parties sometimes. I was there for the first time one of these last Saturdays, I liked the place...

10 November 2008


Yes, it's a cartoonish carrot that decorates this gate in Kampa.

09 November 2008

update on the drawings

Somebody really interested in the wall paintings I already mentionned. They are still clean of "unofficial" graffiti, nice.

08 November 2008

deep down

Catching a late metro at Jiriho z Podebrad

07 November 2008

another misty morning

And no, it's not the same day as the first picture! It's not even cold, around 8-12 degrees C°... it's just humid. The views are really great at night with that fog, but I can't seem to be able to make any nice pictures at these moments.

06 November 2008

a romantic one

From this Sunday's afternoon walk...

05 November 2008


The way from Zizkov to Prague 2, around Hlavni Nadrazi, isn't the nicest one. It's a big crossroads with bridges for cars, trains, and multiple streets under, with tramway tracks and no space to walk along. brrr.

04 November 2008

misty morning

Perfect autumn weather... mist in the morning, fog in the evening. Or the inverse.



02 November 2008


During a walk in the city this afternoon, I came across some of the babies that are normally climbing the TV tower...I don't know how long they're going to stay on Kampa's grass.

01 November 2008

theme day : books

This one was taken in the newly opened DOX, a center for contemporary art I already mentionned.
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