28 February 2009

vegetarian party

Good pre-party atmosphere, nice drinks and wonderful vegetarian food at Radost FX

27 February 2009

that is Karlin too

Aside from the neglected romantic baroque buildings, Karlin also counts some clean renovated industrial halls, housing open-space offices efficiently

You will get more from the Karlin mini-serie if you click here

25 February 2009

light for the trees

Blank billboards always make a big impression on me. We're so used to see all these ads everywhere, we don't even notice them anymore... but when suddenly the place where they're supposed to be is empty, I feel some kind of quietness

24 February 2009


Some of the vietnamese stalls in Prague market, closed for the night

23 February 2009

that is Karlin - 2

Facing the park, Invalidovna, 18th century building quite in a bad condition these days

Karlin mini serie, photo 1

22 February 2009

on the way

Let's go on with the pictures-through-a-window... : from the tram

20 February 2009

Prague Castle...

... from inside Cafe Slavia

18 February 2009

eat and warm up

Quite a typical view from a restaurant in the center

16 February 2009

snowy morning

This morning the snow was back... it never stays very long in the city, by tonight, and althought it's been snowing all day, there wasn't anything anymore on the ground

15 February 2009

unusually empty corridor

I've been going out to Palac Akropolis for years, and still regularly go down there for concerts or/and drinks... i like its multiplicity of rooms and slightly labyrinthic organisation

14 February 2009


The vegetables market moved places with the Prague Market area in Holesovice. It's now in a hall at the opposite where it was before, and the hall is so small that not all of the sellers fit in. So a couple of them are brave enough to stand outside in the cold... and this morning was exceptionally sunny, I can't imagine they are waiting there the other days.

13 February 2009

that is Karlin - 1

Karlin, first picture of a mini-serie... It's a very nice district, and very little known because people are generally prejudiced against it. It used to be a kind of garden-city for workers, then more of an industrial district, and nowadays, it's still very green, with old industrial halls here and there.

11 February 2009

the other side

On the Castle side, off Charles Bridge

10 February 2009

pretzel and weird silhouette

At the Vitra showroom in Karlin.
What happened to the guy who was passing by is a mystery.

09 February 2009

wired skies

Clear morning, for once

08 February 2009

bye phone booths

An older scanned photo for today... these telephone booths used to be in a metro station in the center, maybe Mustek? Whatever, they were cool

07 February 2009

better be hungry

This is the kind of cake portions you get at Cafe Louvre. Be careful, don't think about washing down your cake with a hot chocolate, as is it almost as thick as the cake itself :)

06 February 2009

private exhibition

Honza discovered this "garden" two months ago... And I walked through it by chance last week, when I went to have a closer look at the boats.

05 February 2009

fast upwards

Metro escalators at Mustek

04 February 2009

going to the movies

Going to one of the 12 rooms of this multiplex cinema... I usually prefer going to smaller and older movie theaters in the center, which are also cheaper, but well, once in a while the right time to go to see a movie comes up unexpectedly.

03 February 2009

lost princesses?

It's the balls season here...

01 February 2009

Theme day: Paths and Passages

The center of Prague is full of these passages through the buildings groundfloor, providing plenty of shortcuts for the one who is in a hurry and doesn't want to get stuck behind wandering tourists, as well as more commercial spaces than the streets only can handle... this is one of them, at its entrance on Wenceslas square

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