26 November 2009


I really didn't want to do it too fast, but things are almost never as we plan them. I still haven't finished packing my bags, but I'm leaving Prague tomorrow morning for Paris. For good, or almost, this time. So I have to tell you this is probably the last post on my Prague's photoblog. I will definitely come back to Prague, I will have to anyway in the near future, at least to finish moving everything - I am really not able to pack my life in 2 bags- but ... Prague is moving very fast, and today was full of "last time". I will love Prague for-ever-and-ever, for all its sides, but I'm pretty sure it will never be my Prague anymore.

Keep checking, a Kakna's Paris will probably come out soon, hope to see you there :)

edit: the Paris blog is up and running. http://kaknaparis.blogspot.com


25 November 2009

paved road

Promenade on the riverside, reserved to pedestrians and bikes... They've done quite a nice job down there.

23 November 2009

seven to eleven

In Masarykovo nadrazi, the very central train station.

12 November 2009

11 November 2009

quiet waters

Forgotten corners of Liben, where not much is going on

08 November 2009

07 November 2009

contemporary sculpture

Imposing scaffolding surrounding the sculpture on Palackeho namesti

06 November 2009

clin d'oeil

We had a sunny day yesterday, however, it didn't last long. Today the white-but-no-snow skies were back. I like these creamy rounded shapes on the blue sky, it makes me think of Barcelona, for some reason :)

04 November 2009

good or not

This picture could also have done well for the doorways theme day. Oh well, too late.

31 October 2009


Yesterday and today were really cold...time to squat the tea rooms again!

30 October 2009


See the buildings in the background? That's one of Prague's outskirts dense residential districts. People live in prefab buildings there, but they must have a nice view

29 October 2009


I didn't have to go very far to find that grocery shop window. It's in Karlin, on one of the main streets. And yes, I took the picture recently :)

25 October 2009

not your regular goulash

Fallow deer meat and bacon dumplings... not your regular light lunch either, but once in a while, everybody needs comfort food :)

23 October 2009


Off Wenceslas square, in the very center of the city, get the best teas of the world... head to Dobra Cajovna

22 October 2009


I'm back in the city again, although probably not for a very long time. After more than 10 days of almost nothing done with my camera, the blue skies encouraged me to take it out yesterday on my way from the airport.

08 October 2009

coffee time

These new cafe-in-malls do their best to make it comfortable... I'm not sure they manage, I don't know, somehow I'm just allergic to these places.

07 October 2009

perfect day

I really had plenty of things today. But come on, 25°C outside, and such a sunshine in October? I headed for the zoo. Where else.

05 October 2009

giant bin

Once in a while, empty containers are placed for a day on the street, so anybody can throw out what they want to get rid of and can't be put in the regular bin. It can also be a good occasion to furnish a flat for free if you're not against a bit of renovation :)

04 October 2009

golden moment

When the sunset finds its way through the winding streets to hit the goldsmith's sign

02 October 2009


Opening one's eyes at dawn, somewhere in New Town

29 September 2009

fire tongues

...or that's how it looks, somehow. Abbey Na Slovanech (or Emmaus) in Prague 2, whose church was badly destroyed during an air raid at the end of the Second World War. The renovation started in 1946, and the new western facade look was found through an architectural competition won by Frantisek M. Cerny who used shell plates of reinforced concrete.

27 September 2009

rush hour

Saturday night, peak hour in this cafe in the center

25 September 2009

central park

In Zizkov, the big real estate operation Central Park, almost ready to move in...

24 September 2009

on my way

On my way from lunch, Prague 1

23 September 2009

wooden insides

I missed the European Heritage Days this year. It was last weekend, and I completely forgot about it. Two or three years ago, I went to visit the wooden church in Liben, on Zenklova street (Kostel sv. Vojtěcha), built in 1905. The interior was really amazing...

22 September 2009


We're so lucky to have such a nice weather this late in September! 26°C this afternoon, really unbelievable.

21 September 2009

so natural

One of these older cars that aren't around so much anymore...

20 September 2009

small and hidden

Evening in a small bar in Prague 7 - enter the hostel, walk in the corridor, open the door on your right, go down the stairs... here you are, take a beer and wait for the concert to start.

19 September 2009

16 September 2009


Topless service in this restaurant between 7pm and 11pm :)

14 September 2009


Already when I took the picture, I was thinking about this other one. Same skies, same impressions, but in Old Town with the peaks of Tyn church.

13 September 2009

evening suns

Night falls pretty early now again, and around 19h45 it's alreay quite dark. Not a bad thing, it helps seing things one didn't notice before, no matter how large they can be - in my case, this new (?) hotel downtown, in a courtyard behind Tyn church.

12 September 2009

10 September 2009


Yesterday was probably the last beer-on-letna-evening we could get this season... well it's been a long one, let's not complain

09 September 2009

trying hard

to make it easier for the growing number of riders in Prague...

24 August 2009

stones and trees

I took this one months ago at the Olsanka cemetary, which is an unexpected nice place where to wander, actually...
And I'm leaving tomorrow again for two weeks, so don't expect anything new here until then... In the meantime, you can always check what's going on through facebook or flickr.

23 August 2009

night on the bridge

Not just any bridge. Charles bridge.

22 August 2009

night star

Night in Radost FX club, for a change

21 August 2009

renovated train station

I thought nadrazi Vrsovice was deserted until I stopped by yesterday to take some pictures, and found out it's actually all renovated...As I read later, the 19th-century building's renovation took place between 2002 and october 2008.

17 August 2009

new era at florenc

Prague has a new bus station building! It's nicely glazed, with lots of screens showing departure and arrival times, everything is also written in english, there's a helpdesk, toilets, and things you can buy to eat... a whole new world in Florenc, those who went through the former place will know what I mean.

16 August 2009

Karlin series - 12

If you missed my other posts onKarlin, a poorly-known district along the river, and adjacent to the Old Town, you can click here:

15 August 2009

mind travel

This courtyard of Prague's old town really made me feel like in Spain

14 August 2009

and up again

Coming back to street level from the river banks, reserved to pedestrians, cycles and swans

06 August 2009

inside out

what belongs to the cafe and what to the street behind the glass?

05 August 2009

gallery bar

Above Roxy not far from Old Town square, the NoD space has been renovated recently, and still offers a wide range of "activities" in the evenings

04 August 2009


Two of the buildings around Jungmannovo namesti in the center, bathed in the sunset of an otherwise pretty grey day...

28 July 2009

lone player

Just before sunset, someone decided he would practise the double-bass in the park...

27 July 2009

under bridge

Under Cechuv most