29 April 2009

27 April 2009

back to the city

for a stroll at the end of the afternoon in Na Prikope, or the main pedestrian street lined with stores in the center

26 April 2009

another Sunday, another park

Today we decided to have our let's-celebrate-Spring picnic in another parc... actually we like to have a little wine with our food and alcohol in Petrin is forbidden, whereas still allowed on Letna :)

25 April 2009


painted in the entrance staircase of a pub/restaurant in Prague 2

24 April 2009


The "pixel building"'s facade is done. A bit more to do inside and life can start moving in

23 April 2009

shadow railing

on the pavement

22 April 2009

health care

This is where you wait to have an X-ray done (you have to speak to the nurse through that tiny window in the wall). All the health care centers look that dull, even gloomy...I have gotten used to it now, but at the beginning I was very sensitive to the way these places looked... it made me feel even worse.

21 April 2009

red lights place

Prague market is full of suprises. Now one of the biggest halls has just reopened as a brand new upscale asian restaurant with delicous food and -for now at least- affordable prices. It's called Sasazu

19 April 2009

not a shelter

Masarykovo nadrazi, or the Masaryk train station, nearby the main train station in the center, lights still on but gates being closed when I passed by around 1am.

18 April 2009

ceiling sun

In the Narodni divadlo (National Theatre) 's concert room

17 April 2009

you can see Prague castle

..a bit far in the background
On the bridge between Karlin and Holesovice, from which you can get beautiful views on the city and go to the sport and green island Stvanice.

15 April 2009

easter tree

I discovered that this evening, I don't know how long this tree will still be standing for...

14 April 2009

that is Karlin - 7

As I wrote before, there is a lot of new office buildings in Karlin. The one you can see here through the gate, Corso, was one of the first to rise, back in 2000.

ps. Honza is also contributing to this theme on his photoblog

13 April 2009

easter sunbathing

A lot of czech girls seem to be a bit obsessed with getting a sun tan. Fortunately for them they can start early this year

12 April 2009

nicer, nicer!

Today was probably the Nicest Day of the Year, seriously. Proof with that picture from Petrin Hill, where we get a bit of nature and the best views on the city :)

11 April 2009

beer-in-park-season open

As Honza pointed out, we had a fabulous sunny day yesterday... well actually it's been like that the whole week, but yesterday evening was my first chance to enjoy it. The beergardens were packed, the temperature lovely...

09 April 2009

that is Karlin - 6

My other pictures and stories from Karlin are here

08 April 2009

old n' dirty

In the historical center... now, yes Prague is a very nice city, romantic and all, full of life and art and stuff, but hey, it also looks like that. And that's why we (I?) like it so much.

07 April 2009

spring morning

Great sun and warm temperature this morning at 9am... Spring took everybody by surprise and a lot of people still carry their coat around.

06 April 2009

clothes store

I have been away from the city again these last days... this should not happen anymore until the end of the month :) At least you should see some new pictures appear on my Flickr page soon...

So here, a photo in the collection "every little thing is special when done in Prague". Today, shopping for clothes