18 December 2008

christmas special 1 : decorate

So everybody should have his jmelí by now...we can get it natural, golden or silver, to decorate our interiors for the holidays.


mkhansen said...

Is jmeli a special plant? -- I don't recognize it. I'd like to try some golden, though.

KAkNA said...

jmeli is translated by mistletoe in english... i don't know how common this plant is elsewhere. You can click on the name to find the wikipedia article.

In France, the name is known and associated with the New Year's celebrations : 2 persons who would find themselves under a bunch when midnight rings should kiss :]

Here as I said, everone gets a small bunch for his home, it costs about 1 euro in Prague. I am not really sure if there's a special place to put it at home... i just like the way it looks.

mkhansen said...

Oh, of course! (I had failed to notice the link.) You have very substantial bunches to choose from. Whenever I see it around here it is in a little ball about the size of a fist.

My children are shunning mistletoe because they are in the "no kissing" stage.