12 July 2008

au marché

There is really only one vegetable market in Prague, held every morning except on sundays, in the Prague Market area known to foreigners as the "asian market". That's where I buy all of my vegetable, although it is quite different from the markets I was used to : here only a fraction of the sellers are growing the goods they sell, the other ones are selling the same products as in the supermarkets, only cheaper.


Hilda said...

I only recognize strawberries. And maybe blueberries? I have no idea what those little red ones are. Since the Philippines is so hot, berries don't grow much here (a few, in the higher and cooler places) so fresh berries are out of my experience. They look yummy though.

KAkNA said...

I do have problems with the translation of all these berries myself, and have actually discovered some new ones... On the picture there are blackcurrants, redcurrants, and ye, strawberries :)

Stiffa said...