15 July 2008

night life

Prague"clubs"...places where everyone can find one's place, whether they came to meet friends and have a chat, to drink more heavily, to dance or listen to a dj set... no entrance selection, wide opening hours, easy transport connection at any hour. Life made simple.

I'm off on holidays until next Tuesday, posts on this blog will stop till then... no cheating :)


babooshka said...

That looks like great place to meet up. Excellent indoor photo, not easy in harsh lightening, but you have taken this very well

Kim said...

Nice interior shot! Have fun on your hols and bring back some great photos of your adventures.
Seattle Daily Photo

Ineke said...

you don't have to cheat :)
with bloggers posting service, you can prepare your posts in advance. There's a whole item dedicated to it on the forum. Hope you had a nice time btw

Alberti Family said...

could you give us the adress of this place, very important see: http://dannyalberti.blogspot.com/