14 August 2008

Compared to Grenoble, the city where I lived before, Prague is really blind-friendly. A lot of traffic lights beep differently for green and red pedestrian lights, there are different reliefs on the pavement to indicate where the crossings are, and the metro flooring also sports this feature. And some bus stations, like here, have some braille writing.
All of this isn't everywhere, but it's still something.


P said...

i think there is a system for the blind. you put earphones and use some kind of radio and it tells you what tram is approaching and stuff like that. if it's not working already, they are planning on implementing it.

Kim said...

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KAkNA said...

kim, I'm glad you came by to see how it looks like here and that you dropped a line, however, I'm not happy with the advertisment you left here as well.
If you can, please remove it, and don't do that again. Links to personnal webpages are welcome, but not commercial ones that I don't personaly support. Thanks everyone for your understanding.