01 August 2008


I had to go to the airport today... I was actually happy to do so because I had planned to take a picture of this sign for a while. The airport has been recently renovated and extended, it boasts a whole new terminal now, but the sign stayed (yay! )


P said...

haha i wanted to have this as my first picture after returning home

murciadailyphoto said...

A photo that says it all. Congratulations.
A few years ago, I spent one week, the first of January, in Prague. I really enjoyed the city, in addition to what is the tourist circuit.
I love to meet with these photos, which fall outside the most tourism. Thank you.
A greeting from murciadailyphoto.blogspot.com

honza03 said...

I was at the airport yesterday, too. But I didn't take any pictures due to my heavy bags and laziness :)

KAkNA said...

p., you can still have it, i'm sure it will make a different image anyway :)
murcia, thank you, I'm glad you appreciate these :)
Honza, looking forward to seeing more of your pictures on Prague!