07 August 2008


So, in the Old Times there weren't these urban regulations to say where-to-build-what-up-to-which-height, and everything is still nicely standing together. I say, maybe we should learn something from it.


Hilda said...

Very charming apartments! I especially love the one on the right because of the bay windows. :)

Here in Metro Manila, we need those regulations to be implemented very strictly. It they're not, the ones with money will build apartments more than four stories high in residential areas; and the poorer ones will subdivide their lots into smaller and smaller parcels so the entire clan can have a piece and build a tiny house.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. I agree with you. Times have changed and now the bureaucrats think they know everything.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

babooshka said...

I think you are absolutely right. W should look to the past for our future. Lovely image.