23 September 2008

my favourite

Prague's tv tower, featuring artist David Cerny's great Babies (which I wish will never be removed, even though they were installed as a temporary exhibition in 2000). For a year or so now, the tower has been without its top cone, thus losing some of its shape strength, and I have found no explanation as to why or how long this is going to last. I find it quite intolerable that such a strong feature of the skyline can be altered without anyone seeming to notice :/


MurciaDailyPhoto said...

This Christmas will next 3 years I spent in Prague. I visited, in addition to the old town, the television tower. I also think that breaks the aesthetics of Prague, but it is something outside the old town. I thought it was curious about the babies up the tower. And from the top of the tower, where the cafe, there are magnificent views.
In Murcia, it built within the old town, next to the Cathedral, a modern building official that breaks all the aesthetics of the area.

Unknown said...

You have a good eye for pictures, so you notice these things that most people don't.