26 November 2009


I really didn't want to do it too fast, but things are almost never as we plan them. I still haven't finished packing my bags, but I'm leaving Prague tomorrow morning for Paris. For good, or almost, this time. So I have to tell you this is probably the last post on my Prague's photoblog. I will definitely come back to Prague, I will have to anyway in the near future, at least to finish moving everything - I am really not able to pack my life in 2 bags- but ... Prague is moving very fast, and today was full of "last time". I will love Prague for-ever-and-ever, for all its sides, but I'm pretty sure it will never be my Prague anymore.

Keep checking, a Kakna's Paris will probably come out soon, hope to see you there :)

edit: the Paris blog is up and running. http://kaknaparis.blogspot.com


25 November 2009

paved road

Promenade on the riverside, reserved to pedestrians and bikes... They've done quite a nice job down there.

23 November 2009

seven to eleven

In Masarykovo nadrazi, the very central train station.

12 November 2009

11 November 2009

quiet waters

Forgotten corners of Liben, where not much is going on

08 November 2009

07 November 2009

contemporary sculpture

Imposing scaffolding surrounding the sculpture on Palackeho namesti